Sunday, February 22, 2009

Overdue news

Sorry for the silence. Haven't meant to ignore you, but I guess the stars were aligned badly for the commentary, internet and photos to come together. I'll do a quick installment tonight while I have a Mac connection (gosh, I miss my Mac), and then do more in the next day or two.

As already mentioned, we made a memorable stop in northern California. They couldn't contain us in Alcatraz, so we moseyed up to Mountain View by train (John was very pleased to get a senior's discount) to catch up with Nona and Brad. Together we cooked up a storm and then saw the sights around Mt. View, Half Moon Bay and the great Yosemite. 

Assuming that everything works, the pics here are of Alcatraz, Yosemite, Nona's gorgeous cats and whatever else appears. And then I'm going to bed. 


Jenny said...

Woo hoo An update. You are both looking so good & happy so you must be enjoying it all so far. :)
Big Hugs from NZ :)

Emma said...

Huhu!! nice hair colour Peggy!! I'm glad you found a person that does that as well as me!!!
Enjoy your trip and i hope we'll be able to see each other en Espana por favor ;)
Big big hugs for the two of you

African Dream said...

Emma -- I'll get you to colour my hair in Cordoba.