Monday, December 15, 2008

We've been stabbed and jabbed

Preparations for this trip have involved a whole swag of injections. We like to think we're protected from almost everything -- yellow fever, typhoid, malaria, polio, hep A and B, flu, polio, rabies and much, much more. Not sure we can do anything to ward off broken bones, but we have been to the dentist and our choppers seem okay.
So far our array of jabs, appointments and tests have cost almost $2000 for the two of us, and we're not done yet. One last appointment in January for cholera and something else, and a rabies booster for John. 
I had all the rabies injections in the mid-1980s after I was bitten by a dog that later became rabid. Just recently they gave me a booster (recommended) and THEN did a blood test to see how immune I am. They should have done it the other way around. I have 8 times over the recommended immunity. John says I'm probably a carrier.

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