Sunday, December 21, 2008

A deposit paid -- and an itinerary made

We've paid the deposit on our round-the-world airline tickets -- departing Canberra on 28 January 2009. Final payment is due within a week, so no more indecision. Well maybe! The tickets cost an absolute bomb -- $9000 for the two of us (including taxes) -- but they are good for a year and we can make changes without extra charge. No Peggy, no Peggy, no more changes.
So far we have more than 15 stops.
Let's see if I can remember them -- Canberra > Sydney > San Francisco > Los Angeles > Denver > Dallas (for an hour) > Omaha > Dallas (for a stay) > Lexington, Kentucky > Chicago (we go there by car and maybe have a side trip to Madison, Wisconsin) > London (for a few hours) > Amsterdam (with a side trip by train to Belgium) > Madrid > then we work our way to the south of Spain to meet the truck in Gibraltar.
About 10 months later, we surface in Istanbul. The trip home is Istanbul > London (probably with a stay) > somewhere in Asia > Sydney > Canberra.
Oh, dear, I just thought of a change I'd like to make. Back later.

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