Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm packed

Do you think I'm taking too much -- or travelling too light? Should I have sturdier bags? Will I look too feral?

Sorry, I couldn't resist. In reality, these bags are going to charity. The pile has grown bigger since I took this photo. 

The travels are especially good because they have prompted/forced me to 'clean house'. In fact, I've done two houses -- the one in Canberra and the one at the beach. As you can see, I have bags and bags and bags of clothes that no longer fit or flatter. Hope many others can make use of these offerings. 

About half of the bag contents have come from the coast. I hadn't cleaned out there for years. I pulled everything out of the cupboards there, but so much smelled so musty that I brought it home and washed it all. 

I feeling very righteous, but that won't last long.


Jenny said...

The benefit of going travelling will have you come home to a lot less clutter then!!!! :) Well done on the clean out. It's a good feeling I know :)

Claudine said...

LOL! Unless, like me, you buy more clutter to replace the old clutter! Shop lightly :)

African Dream said...

Don't think I'll gather too much more clutter as I go, but you never know.

Louise said...

You must be gone now ... You'll probs read this comment in USA though anywhere you are in the world I'll say a big thank you again. I'm sure I'll see you again but maybe not for the next 2 years. I'll think about you a lot, have fun in Africa, enjoy the best. Stay in touch. Love you.
Boozy Floozy (without any mistake this time) =]

African Dream said...

So far I haven't acquired any more belongings except to purchase a few of the things I forgot -- hairbrush, comb, socks. So much for orderly packing.