Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a doggone production

The dogs are ready for the trip. Oh, they're not going, but they're physically (perhaps not mentally) ready for us to be away. 
On Boxing Day morning -- why do these things always happen on public holidays??? -- Aggie was in a frenzy. He was rubbing his face along the carpet, scratching like mad and chewing on a front paw. He managed to knock the top off a wart on his neck (causing a bloody mess), and it looked as if a tick was locked onto his paw. And I couldn't get that to budge. 
Fortunately, we have a great vet at the coast. When I called, Paula was already in the clinic -- checking on two tick victims who had 'checked in' the night before. God bless vets. 
Based on my description of Ag's behaviour, Paula thought something may have bitten him and caused an allergic reaction. She cauterised the wart and removed the tick (which actually turned out to be a little growth). 
And that's when it dawned on me to book both dogs in for the works. 
So Aggie and Chiyo had all their annual injections and their nails trimmed. They were also knocked out and had their teeth cleaned. This turned out to be especially worthwhile for Aggie. He's 12 and his 'old' gums were harbouring a collection of polyps that would have caused problems a few months down the track (probably on Easter Sunday!). 
Thankfully, Libby and Petra won't have to deal with that drama, and Aggie won't have to be miserable and unable to 'explain' the problem.
Paula also removed five other warts from Aggie. He has stitches everywhere, but has not had to wear the dreaded cone -- that horrible plastic collar thing that keeps them from chewing. Paula said she'd kept an eye on him and he hadn't seemed interested in the stitches, so she thought the cone wasn't necessary. Lucky and smart dog. Ag hates the cone and obviously had the sense to ignore his wounds. Good dog, good dog, very good dog. 
P.S. Aggie is the schnauzer and his full name is Agadore Spartacus.


Eduardo Macarios said...

Hi Peggy!
i'm suprised to see this picture here. I took it back in 2004, when we spent a couple of days at your place.
Nice blog, i'll be following your journey. Good Luck!
Eduardo (Brasil/England)

African Dream said...

It's a great photo, Eduardo. I've always loved it.