Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Indiana and the ice storm

From Dallas, we flew on to Lexington Kentucky and then drove to Columbus Indiana. The drive was very scenic, but we were stunned to find that the Ring Road around Louisville Kentucky is not a complete ring. Contrary to John's policy, I stopped at asked questions, so we finally found our way.
As an aside, they wanted $186 for us to drive from Lexington and leave the car in Columbus, so we opted to return the car to Kentucky the next day (followed by Julie's car that had a scary danger light on that really meant nothing). I've forgotten what we finally paid, but it was much less that $100.
The scariest thing about Indiana was the freezing rain and snow on the last day we were there.
I offered to drive Max to school in the early morning. As we breezed out the front door I saw there had been several inches of snow overnight. As I drove, I realised the snow was hiding a thick layer of ice. Yikes, I skidded here, there and everywhere. Freezing rain creates the worst possible driving conditions. At one stage Max said turn left and I turned right -- knowing there was no way I could cross a lane of traffic and cross safely.
Of course, the whole thing was scary and thrilling. It reminded me that I can still drive in hair-raising weather conditions. Just wish I'd thought to take a photo or two. Silly me.
How about pictures of her friends and house instead.

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