Thursday, March 19, 2009

Interruption to programming

We are in Morocco now. Country is gorgeous; but internet connections are very unreliable.
I will update when I can.
It is especially frustrating that blogspot does not let me cut and paste from a word file. So I have to always type new. Am looking for a solution. Do not give up on me please.
Cheers and love


janandruss said...

Peggy, I always cut and pasted from a word document up until about a year ago-I'll try and tell you if I can still do it

janandruss said...

It still works. I just wrote up a docoument, then cut and pasted it to my regular blog (then deleted it!).

It might pay to try again-sometimes it used to take a moment or two to show up but it was really quick just then.

It's great as you can write it like a diary daily, then post it in a big heap when you find a connection.

Jenny said...

No worries Peggy....I'll be here waiting for updates just when you can.
Big hugs to you both :)

Todd Rundstrom said...



I was so frustrated by not being able to copy and paste I wanted to scream!

Then I found the solution:

When you are composing a new blog post, there are two tabs above the box you type in.

One tab says 'compose',
the other says 'edit html'

More often than not, I have had to switch tabs to 'edit html' in order to paste text from another source.

I hope this works for you.

- Todd

david_a_york said...

Whatevr you do, make absolute certain you have the time of your life! Hey, pictures are worth a 1,000 words so just update with some nice snapshots and all will be well!