Monday, March 9, 2009

Stopping in the Cornhusker State -- Kearney

You know you're from Nebraska if every trip to the USA includes at least one compulsory stop there -- we made two. Soon after landing in Omaha, we were sent straight to Kearney because Jane and Mark, a sister and brother-in-law, had to work. Jane kindly loaned us her car and we headed west for a few days.

I spent about 11 years in Kearney so it is another home for me and filled with many dear friends. We stayed on the farm with the Roeders (pictured) and thoroughly enjoyed that relaxed feeling of 'being at home'. Carol's stove caught fire recently (luckily the house didn't burn down) so we ate out and took it easy on the cooking front.

It seemed so very strange not to have Bud (Lowell) there, but we were able to visit his grave. His tombstone is a wonderful tribute to his love of his family and his farm. We felt blessed to have seen it. It's pictured above.

A big plus of the visit was catching up with many friends. I'll post a link to photos as soon as I figure it out.

Another bonus was being re-united with my certificate that declares me an Admiral in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska (also pictured). I've bragged about this honour for years, but never had the actual proof. Sue and John Morrissey have kept it safe all the years since I received it in 1973. And, yes, my real name is Margaret and my maiden name is Austin.

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